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We give convenient and affordable pay-back loans always readily available for your business.
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This is a fast, reliable and customised loan at your finger tip. My Shield is targeted towards employed individuals who need urgent cash to sort their bills before their pay day.

Business Shield is a quick loan for entrepreneurs, SMEs, artisans, traders etc. who urgently needs working capital for their business or transactional purposes. According to CBN, less than 7% of the over 37 million registered businesses enjoy the necessary loan facilities needed for their growth and business purposes. Shield loan offers many quick loans using our digital or technology channels or joining our community groups where they can also be mentored. Shield laon covers as low as #25,000- #100,000 without rigid collateral at 20% interest rate, payable on five months instalments.

We are building the future of savings and investments starting in Africa. That is why we choose a name to relate with. Kolo is a Yoruba word that means safebox. Kolo is simple, easy and free to use safe box that offers you smart new way to conveniently save little/ spare funds on the go. Whether you are saving towards a project, buy as asset, pay back a loan, wedding, birthday, vacation or future; Kolo is the right partner to achieve that. You can start saving as low as #100 or much more on a daily basis or anytime you have spare money.
Why Choose Kolo?

  1. 1.   Convenient- We realise Africans have a bad saving culture because of environmental factors. We are breaking the barriers and stress to make the process seamless and customised to everyone’s convenient uniqueness. You can conveniently save through our App on your mobile devices.
  2. 2.   Save- We guarantee 100% safety for your fund. We are a duly registered company in Nigeria with Integrity and welfare as our watchword
  3. 3.   Competitive interest rate- just as ShieldVest offers the best interest rate in the country, you will enjoy a very competitive interest rate between 5-15% per annum using Kolo.
  4. 4.   Ease of service- just as we make it easier to save your money with us, the withdrawal process is fast and seamless within some seconds.

  1. 1.   Download Shield App (ShieldVest) on google playstore
  2. 2.   Active ShieldVest
  3. 3.   Go to Kolo
  4. 4.   Choose your package
  5. 5.   Fill in your card details
  6. 6.   Start saving

This is an institutional-quality target investments that strive to provide investors with investment opportunity. This ensures you keep earning doing nothing or while you’re sleeping
✪ Earn up to 30% per annum
✪ Invest from #30,000- #10,000,000
✪ 6-12 months period
✪ 100% guarantee
How It Works:

  • 1.   Download the App (ShieldVest) on google playstore
  • 2.  Activate ShieldVest
  • 3.   Choose package
  • 4.   Deposit Fund
  • 5.   Principal plus interest are returned upon maturity.

About Shield Finders

Helping Small Businesses like Yours Grow

Shield Finders is a fin-tech and social investment firm providing financial services without walls to Entrepreneurs, SMEs, artisans, businesses, individuals, rural communities and the unbanked. We leverage on technology and digital mediums to provide tailored loan to individuals, SMEs and businesses in form of working capital without all the formal barriers that prevents them from accessing loans from the formal commercial banks. We believe access to credit and quality financial services is a sustainable way to eradicate poverty and unemployment from Africa. Our mission is to empower all (most especially: Entrepreneurs, SMEs, artisans, businesses, individuals, rural communities and the unbanked) people, with the financial access they need to pursue a life of dignity, prosperity and fulfilment.
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Olugbemiga Augustine
Founder and CEO
Abegunde Femi
Ayoola Diekola

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What our Client Says


Salaudeen Jenthy Adebayo

Shield Finders Makes it Seamless to access loan to improve your business. Thanks so much

Adegbite Olufemi
(Genesis Hair Salon)

I First Got #50,000.00 in August 2018 to renovate my workplacce. The process was stress free and convinient payment Method.

Ajoke Yetunde

#30,000.00 loan from shield finders really helped me stock my shop again and the repayment plan is so easy and friendly

Wahab Akeem
(Wura Khfa Ventures)

I started with a loan of #75,000.00 for my laundry business. It helped me got some irons and needed things to boost my production and delivery efficiency. Thank you Shield Finders